Teeth grinding or clenching is a disorder that is called bruxism, affecting many people while they sleep. Those with bruxism can use behavior modification to control the urge when they are awake, but they are powerless to stop the action while they are asleep. Sleep bruxism treatment is one of the services we offer at Buford Sleep, helping our patients protect their teeth and oral health.

Bruxism can cause excessive dental damage, resulting in enamel loss, tooth fractures and jaw joint problems. The jaw muscles can exert hundreds of pounds of pressure on the teeth when the jaw is clenched. Teeth grinding adds friction that can wear down teeth and irritate the jaw joint. Our sleep treatment dentists at Buford Sleep can provide sleep bruxism treatment that will protect the teeth and jaw from damage. We offer advanced solutions in oral appliance therapies that are helpful for controlling bruxism, snoring and sleep apnea.

Teeth Grinding and Clenching Relief

Creating a barrier between the upper and lower jaw can control nocturnal teeth grinding and clenching. Our oral appliances are designed to fit comfortably and resist wear from bruxism. Our clinic offers different sleep bruxism treatment options, depending on the extent of your disorder. We use 3D imaging technology to create a digital impression of your teeth that is used to design your customized oral appliance. Our dental nightguards are specifically designed to control bruxism and protect your oral health. Those who also have sleep apnea or snoring issues can treat multiple sleep disorders with the right oral appliance.

If you have bruxism and want to protect your jaw and teeth, come see us at Buford Sleep. We offer advanced sleep bruxism treatments that are non-invasive and effective for protecting your oral health. We accept many forms of insurance at our office in Buford, GA. Contact our clinic today to schedule your appointment.