If you are a physician in the Atlanta area with patients diagnosed with sleep apnea, Buford Sleep offers oral appliance treatment at our clinic in Buford. Many patients want to explore other treatment options besides CPAP to control their sleep apnea, and we offer less invasive solutions. Dr. Ravi Patel and our team will work with physicians and patients to find the best sleep apnea treatment option. We appreciate patients referred to our clinic and also return the favor by referring patients to physicians we work with at our practice.

Buford Sleep offers a selection of oral appliance sleep apnea treatments that are customized to the patient. Dr. Patel has treated many patients who have sleep apnea and works alongside them and their physicians to find the best solution for their condition. We offer several options in oral appliances that are comfortable and effective in re-positioning the jaw to minimize airway blockages. Our clinic utilizes 3D imaging to ensure each oral appliance is designed to fit comfortably and safely. It is our goal to improve the health and wellness of our patients with the most effective sleep apnea treatment.

Excellent Sleep Apnea Treatment for Your Patients

We want to reassure all physicians referring sleep apnea patients to us that we put the health and needs of all our patients first. Our team works with patients and their referring physician’s office to make treatment as simple and convenient as possible. We can bill insurance directly and ensure each patient is well-informed on their treatment options. If we do not believe an oral appliance is the best treatment option, we will recommend they explore CPAP or other solutions with their physician or sleep specialist.

We know you want the best care for your patients. If you have patients with sleep apnea that want to explore other options besides CPAP for their disorder, we welcome your referrals at Buford Sleep. Dr. Ravi Patel invites you to contact him directly if you have any questions about our practice and referral process.