Do you suffer from sleep apnea? If you have been diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea, treatment will help alleviate your symptoms and protect your health. Buford Sleep can help you enjoy better quality sleep with effective sleep apnea treatment using oral appliances. Our office in Buford, GA, accepts many types of insurance that can help cover the cost of your treatment, making it affordable to restore quality sleep and your health.

Our sleep apnea treatments at Buford Sleep are oral devices that are often covered by insurance. Dr. Ravi Patel is an experienced dentist that can evaluate your condition and recommend the best oral appliance to correct the positioning of your jaw while you sleep. His dental practice, Buford Family Dental, accepts many forms of dental insurance for exams and dental treatments. In addition, medical insurance may also be used for covering the cost of sleep apnea treatment, and our practice even accepts Medicare.


Not sure if sleep apnea treatment is covered under your dental or medical insurance? Give us a call at Buford Sleep. We accept many different forms of insurance that cover sleep apnea treatment, and we can help you decipher your coverage. In many cases, your physician may need to perform a sleep study and diagnosis for sleep apnea treatment to be covered under your medical insurance. Once referred to us, we can perform the treatment and bill your insurance. Call us to find out if we accept your insurance plan. We are here to help you find the most affordable option to get the sleep apnea treatment you need for better health.

To ensure we help all patients get the affordable sleep apnea therapy they deserve, Buford Sleep also accepts Medicare. Just like other forms of insurance, our office staff will gladly file your claim and work with Medicare on your behalf to help you get the most coverage possible. In some cases, Medicare will cover the entire cost of sleep apnea treatment from our Buford office. Please let us know if you are a Medicare patient, and we will give you an accurate estimate of cost.

Sleep apnea treatment is covered by most insurance companies due to the detrimental health effects caused by this sleep disorder. Our team at Buford Sleep accepts most types of dental insurance and may be able to bill your medical insurance or Medicare plan for your sleep apnea treatment. Contact our office to learn more about using your insurance for your sleep apnea treatment.