Top Warning Signs of Sleep Apnea

Sleeping disorders and obstructed breathing can be life threatening. By the time you suffer from a cardiovascular event, it may be too late. Recognizing the early warning signs of sleep apnea can help you regain control over your health and enjoy the quality of life you (and your family) deserve.

Here are some common red flags to be on the lookout for:

Headaches — It’s common for people with sleeping disorders to have frequent headaches or migraines. From oxygen deprivation to constantly contracting muscles around your face, the symptoms can last all day long.

Fatigue, Depression, and Weight Gain — Without enough quality rest, your body wears out. You feel exhausted, which can also contribute to issues like depression and lack of exercise (leading to weight gain.) As your body’s metabolism is thrown off, it becomes a cyclic pattern that’s hard to break.

Sore Jaws/TMJ — Did you know that people with sleep apnea tend to clench and grind their teeth? It’s caused by oxygen deprivation and is a natural response during sleep disordered breathing.

High Blood Pressure — The reason behind your hypertension may be tied back to the lack of quality sleep you’re getting. Without a holistic care approach, you could be placing yourself at an unwanted risk for a cardiovascular event.

Large Neck Circumference — A wider neck tends to be linked to an increased risk of airway obstruction, due to the depth of tissues around and inside of your throat.

Sleep Apnea Treatment

When it comes to your sleep and cardiovascular health, you can never be too safe. Buford Sleep provides personalized sleep therapy options to help you holistically treat and manage sleep apnea disorders. Contact us today to reserve a consultation.