Home Testing for Sleep Apnea

Think you may have a sleeping disorder? If you’re exhibiting symptoms of snoring, constant fatigue, or high blood pressure, there’s a chance that sleep disordered breathing could be playing a role. You want to get checked for sleep apnea, but you’re hesitant about going into an overnight lab and having a doctor watch you while you’re sleeping.

Fortunately, there may be another option: a home sleep test.

What is a Home Sleep Study?

Home sleep studies/tests use a mobile device that records vital data while you’re sleeping. Such as your respiratory rate, snoring, and pulse oximetry. It consists of a small piece that sticks to your upper chest and a recording device that wraps around your wrist and finger. Simply put it on, push the start button, then enjoy sleeping in your own bed!

Since you’re able to enjoy the comfort and privacy of your own bedroom, most people prefer home sleep tests over conventional sleep studies.

Does it Work?

A home sleep study is effective for screening for certain types of sleep apnea. The machine records hours of data and is interpreted by a licensed medical provider, such as a pulmonologist or sleep physician. It can show things such as how “bad” your snoring is, if you wake up during the night, what your blood oxygen levels are, or if you stop breathing.

With a home sleep test, you can get a diagnosis for sleep apnea and take steps toward finding an effective treatment plan. At Buford Sleep, we can work with a prescribing sleep doctor to provide custom oral appliances in lieu of CPAP machines.

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